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Port St. Lucie Plumbing Services

Here at Jensen Beach Plumbing are licensed and insured, and our plumbers are all certified by the state of Florida. We offer various services, from simple repairs to complete system replacements, and we are available 24 hours a day for emergencies. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service at the most reasonable prices. Call us today, and let us show you why Jensen Beach Plumbing is the right choice for your plumbing needs.

Our Services

Plumbing Repairs

We at Jensen Beach Plumbing Services offer you the best plumbing repairs in town in Port St. Lucie. We are experts at tracking down complex problems and knowing when, where, and how to open a wall to repair plumbing. We also understand the importance of protecting your home or business from water damage. That is why we always work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right.

Drain Cleaning & Unclogging

Port St. Lucie plumbing is here to help you with your drain cleaning needs. We use updated technology and equipment to clean your drains efficiently and quickly. Our plumbers have the experience to quickly and effectively clear any clog, no matter how stubborn it may be. In addition, we have the latest equipment to get the job done right. So whether you're dealing with a slow drain or a complete blockage, Jensen Beach Plumbing can help. We also offer various services to prevent problems from recurring in the future.

Leak Detection

A plumbing leak can have many causes, from loose pipe fitting to a cracked sewer line. In most cases, leaking is caused by a problem with the plumbing system itself. However, other potential causes exist, such as inadequate drainage around the house's foundation or a faulty septic tank. Regardless of the cause, a plumbing leak can have serious consequences. Water damage is one of the most common effects of leaking, as it can lead to mold growth and wood rot. In addition, leaks can also waste water and lead to higher utility bills. Finally, leaks can also create safety hazards, as they can cause trip and slip accidents. For these reasons, it is important to address plumbing leaks as soon as possible. Port St. Lucie plumbers at Jensen Beach can help identify the leak's source and make repairs to prevent further damage. Our team of professionals will use the latest technology to find the source of the problem and provide a complete leak detection report. We understand that a plumbing problem can be a major annoyance, so we will work quickly and efficiently to get your home or business back to normal.


Jensen Beach Plumbing offers a wide variety of Port St. Lucie plumbing services, from fixing leaky faucets to installing sump pumps. No matter what your Port St. Lucie plumbing needs are, our team of skilled plumbers is here to help.

Booster pumps increase water pressure in a home or office and are often used with fire sprinkler systems. Sump pumps are used to remove water from basements or crawl spaces that have been flooded. And fire pumps are used to provide water pressure for fire sprinkler systems.

No matter what type of Port St. Lucie plumbing service you need, Jensen Beach Plumbing is here to help. Our team of skilled plumbers has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right, and we're always here to answer any questions you may have.

So if you need Port St. Lucie plumbing services, call us today!

Water Heaters

If you require boiler maintenance or are looking to install a new one, Jensen Beach Plumbing in Fort Pierce is here to offer the heating services and products you need for a competitive price. Our experienced professionals are ready to install, repair or replace your water heater so that you can have the hot water you need when you need it. We also offer maintenance services to keep your system running smoothly and prevent costly repairs down the road.


Jensen Beach Plumbing is here to help with any of your plumbing needs! We know sometimes it can be difficult to know when you need a professional plumber and when you can attempt a do-it-yourself job. Regarding faucet repair or replacement, we say call the professionals! While it may seem like something you can easily do yourself, there are a few things to consider before taking on the task. First, do you know what kind of faucet you have? There are many facets, each requiring a different repair or replacement process. If you're unsure, it's always best to call a professional. Second, do you have all the necessary tools? Again, there are many different types of faucets, each requiring different tools for repair or replacement. Finally, do you have the time? Faucet repair or replacement can be time-consuming. If you don't have the time to do it right, it's best to call a professional. Port St. Lucie plumbing is here to help with any of your plumbing needs.


Port St. Lucie residents have turned to us for complete bathroom remodels. Whether you are considering a total transformation or simply want to update your space with new fixtures, our team of experts can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

There's no doubt that baths provide a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. But over time, even the most luxurious tub can become outdated or damaged. Our Port St. Lucie plumbing team can help if you are ready for an upgrade. We offer a complete range of bathtub replacement and installation services.

No matter what type of tub you envision for your space, our Port St. Lucie plumbing team has the experience and expertise to make it a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our bathtub replacement and installation services.


Anyone who has ever had a plumbing problem knows it can be a real headache. Plumbing issues can strike anytime and often seem to happen when you least expect it. That's why it's important to have a reliable plumber to call when you need help. Jensen Beach Plumbing is a trusted name in the Port St. Lucie area, and we're always ready to help when you need us. We understand how important it is to get the job done right the first time, and our experienced plumbers will make sure that your problem is fixed quickly and efficiently. So if you're having toilet problems, or any other type of plumbing issue, give us a call. We'll be happy to help.

Garbage Disposals

If your Port St. Lucie home is anything like most in the area, your kitchen sink sees a lot of action. Day in and day out, it's responsible for dealing with everything from dirty dishes to runoff water from cooking. So, it's no wonder that even the best-kept garbage disposals can start to act up after a while. If you've noticed that your garbage disposal is making strange noises or isn't working as well as it used to, it might be time for a repair or replacement. Here are a few signs that your garbage disposal needs professional attention:

- Strange Noises: If your garbage disposal is making loud, unusual noises, it could be a sign that there's something caught in the blades. If you can't find anything and the noise persists, it might be time to call in a professional.

- Water Backup: If water starts backing up into your sink when you turn on your garbage disposal, there could be a blockage in the pipes. It is usually a sign that it's time for professional cleaning or repair.

- Won't Turn On: If your garbage disposal doesn't turn on, there could be an issue with the power supply or the unit itself. If you've checked the power and everything seems to be working, it's time to call a professional.

- Leaking: If you notice water leaking from your garbage disposal, it could be a sign of a cracked unit. It is usually a job for a professional since cracked disposals can be difficult to repair.

If you're experiencing any of these issues, or if your garbage disposal isn't working as well as it used to, contact Jensen Beach Plumbing today.
Our team of experienced plumbing professionals will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action. We'll also be able to provide you with a free estimate for the repair or replacement.


Whether your shower is leaking or needs a new valve, they'll be able to carry out the job quickly and efficiently. Plus, they can always answer any questions you may have about your plumbing. So if you're looking for a trusted and reliable Port St. Lucie plumbing solution, Jensen Beach Plumbing is perfect.


Jensen Beach Plumbing has years of experience installing and repairing all types of sinks, from kitchen sinks to bathroom vanity units. We can help you choose the perfect sink for your needs and ensure it is installed correctly so that you can enjoy many years of trouble-free use.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or kitchen or simply need a new sink, we can help.

Piping & Repiping

The plumbers at Jensen Beach Plumbing in Port St. Lucie are experts at whole home piping and repiping services. They have the experience and knowledge to properly assess your piping needs and provide a comprehensive solution that will meet your expectations and budget. Their piping services are designed to improve the quality of your home's plumbing system, ensuring that it can effectively meet your family's needs.

They also offer a wide range of repiping services, including repairing or replacing damaged pipes, installing new pipes, or upgrading existing ones. No matter your piping needs, the plumbers at Jensen Beach Plumbing in Port St. Lucie can help.

Water Lines

If you have a broken or damaged water line, Port St. Lucie plumbing services can help! We specialize in water line repair and installation, so you can rest assured that your home or business will be in good hands. We understand the importance of having functioning water lines, so we'll work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Our plumbing is a reliable, professional plumbing company that offers a wide range of commercial plumbing services. We have been in business for over 20 years and have the experience and expertise to handle any commercial plumbing project.

Port St. Lucie plumbing offers a wide range of services such as plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance.

Jensen Beach Plumbing is licensed and insured, and Port St. Lucie residents can be confident that a qualified and professional team will handle your commercial plumbing project. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their work, so you can be sure that you'll be happy with the results.

Don't hesitate to call Port St. Lucie plumbing if you need commercial plumbing services. They're a reliable, professional company that will get the job done right.

Outdoor Plumbing

We have a plumbing services company that takes pride in its work.
And we are always on time and ensure the job is done right the first time.

Jensen Beach Plumbing offers a wide variety of services including, but not limited to: drain cleaning, leak detection and repair, water heater maintenance and repairs, and much more.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Port St. Lucie plumbing services are available 24/7 to help you with any emergency plumbing needs you may have. Our experienced and certified plumbers will arrive quickly to assess the situation and provide a solution.
Proudly we can say that we can handle any type of plumbing emergency, big or small.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices are installed in commercial and residential properties to protect against contaminated water flowing back into the potable water supply. They are required by law in many jurisdictions and recommended in others.

Jensen Beach Plumbing is a Port St. Lucie plumbing company installing backflow prevention devices. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your device is installed properly and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Call us today to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to answer any questions about backflow prevention and help you choose the right device for your property.

Video Inspection

Jensen Beach Plumbing is Port St. Lucie's most trusted plumbing company. We also offer video inspection, to help you solve any of your Port St. Lucie plumbing needs.

If you're experiencing a sewer line stoppage, our video inspection service is the best way to determine what is causing the problem and find the best solution. Our experienced plumbers will insert a camera into your sewer pipe and receive a live video feed of the condition of your sewer line. It allows us to quickly and accurately determine the cause of the stoppage and take the necessary steps to clear it.
If you require Port St. Lucie plumbing assistance, don't hesitate to call Jensen Beach Plumbing.

Port St. Lucie Plumbing Has Best Drain Solutions

Jensen Beach Plumbing is proud to offer drain solutions for residents in Port St. Lucie. We have a team of experienced plumbers equipped to handle any type of drain issue you may be experiencing. From clogged drains to leaks, we have the knowledge and expertise to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently.

When you call Jensen Beach Plumbing, one of our plumbers will come to your home or business to assess the problem. We first have to determine the cause of the issue, so we will provide you with an estimate for the repair or replacement of your drain. We always aim to provide our customers with the most cost-effective solution possible.

Jensen Beach Plumbing is committed to providing quality plumbing services to our customers. Your satisfaction with the work we do for you is guaranteed. And what if you're not happy with the results of our work? Guaranteed that we will make it right because we are not here to sell unwanted services.

We Have Trusted Water Heater Specialists

If you require a Port St. Lucie plumbing company to help with your water heater, look no further than Jensen Beach Plumbing. Our team of trusted specialists has years of experience and is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. We'll work together to find the best solution for your needs and budget and ensure the job is done right the first time.

Jensen Beach Plumbing is your Port St. Lucie water heater specialist! We have been here since 2006 to help with all your water heating needs, from installation and repair to maintenance and troubleshooting. We're offering a wide range of services to meet and exceed your needs, and we're always available to answer any questions. Reach out to us; we're ready and here to help.

Our Licensed Plumbers Are Prepared for (Almost) Anything

When you have a plumbing issue, you want it fixed fast. That's why our licensed plumbers are prepared for (almost) anything. From the simplicity of handling a clogged drain to a more complex issue like a broken pipe, our team has the skills and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We're also available 24/7 for emergencies, so you can rest assured that we'll be there when you need us most.

Why are you still looking? We are the quality plumbing services in Port St. Lucie; give us a call today. We're always happy to help!

Why Choose Us

Jensen Beach Plumbing's goal is to deliver fast and dependable service with minimal disruption to your residence or commercial business.

If you're looking for plumbing services in Port St. Lucie, look no further than Jensen Beach Plumbing. We're your one-stop shop for plumbing, and we're proud to offer our clients the best possible service. Whether you need a simple repair or a complete installation, we're always here to help. We're always happy to answer any questions you may have, and we're always ready to get the job done right.

We believe every customer deserves quality workmanship and personalized attention, and we go above and beyond to deliver on this promise.


Gas Piping Design & Installation

We offers gas line installation and service for all your gas piping needs. We can have a qualified and experienced plumber provide an inspection, to ensure code compliance. We offer free and honest estimates for gas piping services.

Any installation, addition, or change of location in a gas plumbing system requires a permit and inspection. Jensen Beach Plumbing offers plumbing services for natural gas and propane gas pipes. Our business is licensed, bonded, insured, and qualified to handle the plumbing needs of residential and commercial properties in Florida

Gas Plumbing Services

Every new construction gas piping project includes:

  • Prework site check — Walking your property to identify the safest, most convenient location and design for your piping
  • Prework plans review — Looking over your plans and making recommendations as to where piping should run inside the building
  • Pipe size and regulator recommendations — Based upon your particular building and occupancy requirements
  • Plumbing additions — If you are having any connected plumbing considerations as part of this piping project
  • Commercial Plumbing

    You can call Jensen Beach plumbing for commercial plumbing needs on any kind of renovation, code violation, or plumbing emergency your business may experience. Commercial service is a big part of our plumbing business. When you have a commercial plumbing emergency affecting your business or property, we do know it is essential to get there as fast as possible and solve the problem in a prompt, efficient manner so you can get your business back on track.

    We have provided service to commercial customers in the Martin county for over 40 years. Our equipment, manpower, and expertise are the tools we use to get your commercial plumbing problems remedied with the least interruption to you and your customers’ day.

    We guarantee all our work and offer up front pricing on all commercial plumbing jobs.

    Leak Detection

    A Leaks around sinks and faucets are common problems encountered both at home and in the workplace. It is often tough to handle complex plumbing leak issues caused by faulty water supply systems pipelines. However, professional leak detection services from Jensen Beach Plumbing specialize in identifying and repairing such problems. Leak detection service providers often use advanced technologies to detect the location and the cause of pipeline leaks with precision.

    Your home is probably the largest investment, and a mysterious leak can create unnecessary stress and expense. Water leak damage can destroy ceilings, walls, floor coverings and furnishings. Microbial growth and building material deterioration is devastating. Finding the source of the leak and finding it quickly is of utmost importance.

    Our leak detection professionals will find the source of the problem and provide a complete leak detection report. Having to repair damaged walls, ceilings, carpets, or other flooring due to leaks are never ideal and the leak report will give you a place to start. It is highly recommended that you consult the professional leak detection service from us.


    Pipes give water a path to travel, it’s the pumps that power the journey. If there is too much or not enough water or just an awkwardly located destination, a properly installed and maintained pump can mean the difference between comfortable and condemned. From booster to sump to fire pumps, we can help keep your building running smoothly.

    Water Heater Repair

    When your water heater is leaking or won’t stay lit? Call us for a fast service.

    Whether you need boiler maintenance or you want to install a new one, we are here to offer the heating services and products you need for a competitive price.

    Water heater repair and installation are often put off as long as possible, that is because water heaters last for such an extended period of time without issues they are easily taken for granted. But, calling Jensen Beach plumbing for service sooner rather than later can save you money on water heater services. We have honest, up front pricing and many years of expert knowledge of water heater installation, maintenance, and repair. we can provide fast service for all major brands of water heaters.

    A boiler

    Water Heater Experts

    We repair or install your tankless, gas, or electric water heater. Trust our experienced team. With over 40 years of experience and in business since 2006.

    Common water heater problems include the following:

    A water heater system


    Watching home improvement shows give the impression that faucet repair and replacement are do-it-yourself jobs, but since they are sponsored by home improvement stores, they are geared as a sales ploy. When you attempt to repair your faucet, you could find a difficult project on your hands because there is more than one type of faucet, and some are quite complex. At Jensen Beach plumbing we can help you with all types of faucets, making repairs or installations quick and easy.


    If you have you been wanting to replace your old tub with a sleek new shower? we’ve got the experience and craftsmanship to turn it all into reality.

    Our bathroom renovation services don’t stop at fixture replacements. We can also reroute your plumbing lines if you would like to move your fixtures to different areas of the room. This will involve repiping and may require us to obtain permits before starting any work. But you won’t have to worry about any of that—we will take care of all preparations for you, including securing permits, so all you have to do is choose which new products you’d like to install!


    A constantly running toilet, a broken toilet handle, overflowing toilet bowl, or uneven toilet flange or a leaking toilet tank are common toilet problems found in many homes. These can become an inconvenience when you have guests over and can potentially cause water damage to your walls and floors. If you are experiencing issues with your toilet let our licensed technicians take care of your toilet problems and rest assured that the job will be done right the first time.

    Garbage Disposal

    Your garbage disposal works hard every day shredding leftover food waste. It is easy to take its convenience for granted. So when it stops working properly, the change in your kitchen is quickly apparent, the pipe under your sink may become blocked and your trash can fills up faster.

    While it’s possible to fix your garbage disposal, it’s often safer to have a professional plumber carry out the job. Jensen Beach Plumbing provides fast garbage disposal repair and installation for homeowners throughout Martin country. We’ll discuss cost effective options for repair or replacement and make sure you receive the best service possible.


    Bathroom Renovations: Whether you are completing a simple fixture replacement or a complete multi-bathroom and kitchen renovation, Sanitary Plumbing and Heating Corp. can work with you or your General Contractor to complete your project.
    sewer repair is needed for older sewer lines because, unless there is some sort of accident, sewer line damage occurs over time as the result of aging. Roots can grow through cracked lines, blocking and destroying pipes. Sewer line cleaning for root removal is often only a temporary solution, and with older pipes, may actually destroy the corroded pipe. Because sewer repair may not be an option for these older pipes, sewer installation is the next step. At Jensen Beach Plumbing, we offer complete solutions for sewer needs, including entire sewer installation. We aim to offer fast, dependable service with minimal disruption to your residence or commercial business.


    You need a new sink installed in your home? our plumbers will arrive promptly, examine your space, and help you pick the best sink for your needs and budget. Replacing or installing a sink can be complicated. Local codes must be respected, specialty tools are needed and electrical knowledge is needed when working with garbage disposals and instant water heaters.
    Important things to know when selecting a new sink:

      Faucet and fixture selection
      What type of pipe your new sink will use?
      Whether the new sink will cover your existing hole?
      The presence of water stains and condition of the surrounding countertop
      Proper sealing methods and products

    The depth of your current sink It’s not always time to completely replace your sink. So, if your sink has anything wrong with it, our plumbers are ready to diagnose the problem and provide a reliable solution. Our plumbers are ready to help you with your Sink repair needs!

    Piping & Repiping

    The older homes that still have their original piping in place from over half a century ago are likely candidates for plumbing issues such as frequently clogged drains, low water pressure, and leaking pipes. If you are constantly experiencing problems with your plumbing, it may be time to look into repiping solutions.

    Jensen Beach Plumbing offers whole home repiping services throughout Martin country. We pride ourselves in delivering fast and cost-efficient solutions that leave you with total peace of mind.

    Water Lines

    If you are thinking about updating your commercial building’s pipes and drains, consider copper piping, always recommended for potable water. Copper piping is the most durable pipe material and is generally guaranteed from the manufacturer for fifty years. When combining that with our work guarantee, you can install copper piping and likely never have to worry about your pipes again. Copper piping does not corrode and can add value to your building. Call us for an estimate.

    Outdoor Plumbing

    If you want to keep your outdoor plumbing systems running smoothly, or you need to have one installed. We provide reliable, and efficient services to ensure your plumbing issue is resolved as promptly as possible. Our experienced team has the knowledge and skills to help inspect your issue and provide you with solutions that are done right the first time.

    Not Taking a Look Outside

    In addition to the interior plumbing systems of a home, is equally important outdoor plumbing systems! This is all the pipes, connections & appliances located around garden and outdoor areas of your property.

    When you hire professional plumbers in your area, they will inspect the outdoor plumbing system to make sure that the pipes are healthy, clear and water is able to move quickly and efficiently away from your home. Your gutters and downpipes as well as your stormwater drain play an important role in your home’s outdoor plumbing system.

    By checking your outdoor plumbing you can also take a close look at your garden, and if you know the path of your sewer line under the garden, take a look at any unexpectedly lush and fertile areas, alternatively any sunken, wet or mushy areas; both could indicate there is a fault in the sewer line and waste and wastewater are seeping out into your garden. You could potentially have a tree root infestation.

    We know the fear of the unknown can be overwhelming, but our pro team at Jensen Beach Plumbing are passionate about helping homeowners properly maintain and service their home’s plumbing system so to avoid nasty emergencies.

    By regularly maintaining your plumbing system, you’ll be able to be aware of any potential issues, plan for the fix, budget for the repairs and know what you’re up against.

    Our plumbing experts have the skills necessary for fixing easy or complex plumbing issues on short notice. If you have any questions, please contact our team on 772-225-6600 and we’ll happily answer your queries.

    Emergency Plumbing

    Sometimes emergencies happen, and you need help fast. That’s why Jensen Beach Plumbing has friendly customer service at the ready to take your call and dispatch an emergency plumber 24/7. We won’t leave you wondering what to do or who to turn to. Instead, we’ll guide you through the process and quickly arrive to alleviate your concern.

    If you are turning on tap after tap and finding no water running anywhere, this can certainly be considered as a plumbing emergency. You should take the extra steps to call your neighbors and see if they are having the same issue, which would indicate a municipal water supply problem. Otherwise, we will send out an expert plumber to assess where this problem is stemming from. Potential reasons include clogs in the tap connection, old or poorly set up water lines, or corroded pipes.

    Backflow Prevention

    Backflow preventer Is a device that prevents the undesirable reversal of flow of water, caused by the sudden or unexpected change in water pressure from your building into the City’s potable drinking water supply.
    Without such a device installed, contaminated water, chemicals or disease could potentially enter the City’s domestic water supply from your building!

    What should I do now?

    As the letter states, you have thirty days to initiate the process Call Jensen Beach Plumbing. We will have our Licensed Engineer draw up a set of approved plans for the installation of the necessary RPZ device(s). We will then work with you through the installation, testing and sign off.

    If you just completed a new installation, or you already have a device previously installed? the City requires annual testing of the RPZ device(s).

    Video Inspection

    Jensen Beach plumbing also provides a video inspection service complete with camera to inspect vent lines, drain lines.

    Our plumbing technicians will insert a camera into the interior of the sewer pipe and receive a live video feed of the condition and the blockage of your sewer line. This video inspection equipment also has a locator to determine the exact source and depth of the sewer line damage from above ground. This allows for spot repairs if possible.

    $25 off, Save $25 on any Service

    Valid only for service indicated on coupon. Offer cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion. Coupon cannot be applied toward estimates or trip charges (if applicable). Present coupon to technician at time of service.

    Thank you for contacting Jensen Beach plumbing!

    Your request has been received. Our dedicated support team is on the case! Please allow up to 24 hours for a response! Our support team is available M-F 8am to 5pm PST.

    Thank you for your understanding,
    Jensen Beach Support Team.

    Ignoring Blocked Drains

    A fault in your sewer line or sewage backup

    If your main drain or toilet drain is blocked? then wastewater and waste cannot smoothly move through the pipes! Instead, it could start to back up through your sewer line and back out through your toilet. This is a major health and hygiene hazard. One that needs to be handled by a professional licensed plumber.

    If the sewage comes back up into your bathroom? or even worse seeps into the walls or floors! the affected area will have to be gutted. So if you have a known toilet that gets easily clogged or blocked we could suggest calling our team at Proximity Plumbing sooner rather than later to investigate. There are some known ‘offenders’ or blocked toilets; tree roots, foreign objects and fatbergs being the most seen reasons for blocked toilets in the eastern suburbs and our team at Proximity Plumbing is well equipped to fix these issues for you, and provide you with long-term solutions.

    A Burst Pipe

    A clogged bathtub, laundry, or sink drain could create ample pressure on the entire plumbing system. If you continue using a fixture, the pressure build-up can get quite high and the pipe could burst. A burst pipe in your property is a serious concern. So if you have known blockages please reach out to a professional plumber today and have the blockage cleared.


    Worst case scenario. A blocked drain (that is allowed to remain blocked for some time) can also lead to flooding within your property. If the drain becomes so blocked that water, waste or debris backs up or bursts when you are not at home, you could return to flooding with damage to your belongings.

    Not Scheduling Plumbing Maintenance

    Sticking to a dedicated plumbing maintenance schedule for your property can ensure your plumbing team is identifying potential issues before they become serious. A regular plumbing maintenance program will also help you to come across smaller problems that pop up quickly after major weather events or unusual seasonal downfalls.

    If you have a known tree root infestation that requires regular clearing and maintenance than a scheduled visit by your professional plumbers will ensure this does not get out of hand. A pro team (like ours at Jensen Beach plumbing) will also help to provide you with solutions that are more long-term and will benefit the health of your home’s plumbing system. Talk to us today about Pipe Relining if your property is beset by tree roots!

    Regular plumbing maintenance also ensures your wet appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine get checked, all your fixtures are inspected and your gutters are cleared and cleaned; which is extremely important you really want your gutters to be clear as possible at all times to allow water to flow around and out of your property.

    Ignoring Little Leaks

    The sound of water dripping in a kitchen or bathroom after a night of heavy rainfall is never a good sign. However, a lot of homeowners will ignore these little leaks because it appears insignificant and disappears after a few hours. However! you should never overlook a water leak as it is mostly a sign of potential damage or more significant dangers ahead.

    A water leak can originate from damaged pipes or holes in the roof, gutters, sinks and showers. A homeowner should not ignore these signs as they can pose a major danger. When there is a pressure build-up due to significant volumes of water drips through a minor water leak in the plumbing system, a burst pipe might occur. A burst pipe can be expensive leading to a larger gap in the plumbing system.

    A property can also experience a silent leak, where the only sign is when your walls or interior areas start showing signs of internal water damage, mould or damp.

    Having a plumber look over your property and check for signs of leak and water damage on a seasonal basis will hopefully ensure these leaks are picked up early, traced back to the root cause, and dealt with quickly.

    Pushing The Incorrect Material Down A Drain

    This is something that every homeowner must know! There are only three things that should ever go down a toilet and only one thing that can go down every other drain.

    Your toilet should only ever see: Pee, Poo and Paper (toilet paper) being flushed. Everything else will be considered ‘undesirable’ to a plumber, yes, even the ‘flushable’ wipes that are not-so-flushable and have become the bane of plumbers the world over.

    For every other drain in your home; bath, laundry, kitchen – the only thing that should be passed through your drain is WATER. No food scraps, no ground coffee, no tea leaves, no grease or fat, no egg shells, no bread, left overs, No hair, no q-tips, nothing should be pushed through your drains. In fact, you can ensure your drains are kept clear with a protective sink strainer to collect any material before it goes down the drain.

    Every time an item other than water gets pushed through the drain there is the possibility of a blockage. Having an accumulation of debris, fats, oils and food scraps in your plumbing system is the fastest way to calling out an emergency plumber when that pipe/drain becomes chronically blocked.

    Not Calling a Licensed Plumber Early

    A number of plumbing repairs can be completed on a DIY basis. Hey, you may even enjoy it! However, when you are facing a plumbing emergency – like a burst pipe, the best decision is to reach out to an emergency plumber near you.

    As soon as you encounter a concerning plumbing issue, you should reach out to a licensed, professional plumber. A professional plumber can identify the potential issue and come up with relevant solutions for the same. If you fail to do so, it could lead to expensive repairs or damaging results over time.

    Pushing Older Appliances Past Their ‘Retirement Age’

    While all your appliances might work OK (not amazingly, but OK) they could be past their retirement age! Yes, even appliances need a retirement.

    Appliances start losing their overall efficiency and performance as they start aging. Therefore, if you continue using appliances beyond the retirement age – especially hot water heaters and washing machines, the chances are they might break down soon.

    With time, they lose the overall efficiency and might lead to faulty operations like water leaks or burst pipes. Therefore, you can ask an emergency plumber to inspect the appliances in your home and recommend repairs or replacements if required.

    With the advancements in water efficiency and electricity efficiency for newer appliances, you may find your water bill significantly less when you upgrade your appliances – bonus!

    Drain Cleaning

    If you have a seriously clogged drain, you should call for drain cleaning services.

    At Jensen Beach Plumbing we not only remove nasty clogs but also install new drains when necessary, as part of the solution to the problem of a clogged drain. With our drain cleaning services, we can prevent problems recurring in the future.

    Grease almost always builds up in the kitchen, hair clogs in the shower, even toy trucks flushed down the toilet…Trust us when we say there’s no shortage of drain clogs in Martin County, and that none of them happen at a convenient time. No matter the issue, our courteous, professional plumbers are dispatched day or night and arrive equipped with the latest electric drain cleaning machines.